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The emotion of
Antique furniture

The past has always given us beautiful examples of history: just look at the monuments, the artworks, traditionor simple artifacts.

Each of them is able to arouse different emotions linked to the pastthrough the love we still feel for those objects.

An antique pieceof furniture is a tangible example of how this philosophy still persists in our lives, which is why we need to preserve and maintain it.

For lovers of antiques like us, restoration is certainly the most precious partof our work.

In fact, a further strong point of our company is our well-equipped in-house craft workshop, through which we can satisfy our customers carrying out painstaking custom work, valuable restoration operations and reproductions of furniture, with patina or lacquer finish, shabby or uncoated, all custom-made and tailored to the customer’s aesthetic and functionality needs. We also restore furniture for third parties.

Thanks to restoration, we can preserve the furniture’s original patinaand restore any deficiencies with natural materials without replacing any damaged parts, restoring both its original functionality and its priceless original beauty.

Our professional training in restoration does not only cover the task of bringing furniture back to its original beauty, but has also allowed us to create exquisite gilding, seductive upholsteryand exclusive transformations for wood, leather and metal parts.

All this is done by means of strictly artisanal workmanship, keeping close to ancient traditions.

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