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The true beauty of
Antique furniture

True connoisseurs know how to appreciate the beauty of antique furniture, objects of inestimable value that can embellish the decor of any home with their charm.

Choosing an antique piece of furniture means enhancing a room with an element that can withstand worldly influences and lend a refined, elegant and evocative touch.

From our consolidated knowledge in the field of antiques, we have acquired such expertise that we are able to restore furniture to its former charm.

At Pitanti Antichità & Vintage, we are focused on the restoration and trade of antique furniture and objects, offering furnishing accessories tailored to your environments and above all your dreams.

To this day we have dealt, and still deal, with furniture and objects from any era, both for dealers and collectors throughout italy and in various countries in europe.

We have paid special attention to modern design furniture, such as the pieces made by the famous architectLb kofold larsen in the 1970s, or by“Heinrich Riestenpatt” in the 1960s, and to contemporary design furniture made by outstanding designers such a Fratelli Castiglioni, Aurelio Zanotta and Cesare and Umberto Cassina.

Thanks to our proven history of antique furniture importation from all over the world and our countless relationships with dealersand private customers, we have achieved such an awareness and experience that we can place ourselves at the top of the category, in terms of seriousness and competence, in the sale of quality furniture of unrivalled charm.

This said, we hope to establish a confidential relationship with our customers, and to go beyond the mere trade relationship.

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