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The atmosphere and setting of modern showroom spaces have acquired such importance that they have become a significant component of a company’s identity.

That is why at pitanti antichità & vintage we offer the perfect elements to set up marvellous antique-themed scenarios, offering a rental service of original chesterfield armchairs and sofas, as well as the rental of period furniture for exhibitions in suggestive art galleries, fairs, fashion shows, theatre performances and film sets.

Entering an exhibition space means entering a world where every element is in perfect harmony and symbiosis with everything else, so it is essential to choose the right furniture in order to fully convey the image and message you want to communicate.

We will carefully select the various complements for rental, paying particular attention to the characteristics of the style required by the customer, coordinating the practical and aesthetic aspects, so that the setting will remain firmly imprinted in the visitor’s mind, even after a long time.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a setting that is not too far from the present day, we also offer a service for the rental of modern antique furniture and design objects, an ideal solution to make any type of event or trade fair contemporary and trendy.

Whether you are an agency, a production company, an architect or a designer, at pitanti antichità & vintage you can rent unique and precious accessories for your events,capable of arousing strong visual emotions and profound suggestions in the viewer.

In addition, renting original antique furniture is also an excellent alternative to buying it if you want to save money.

To create a setting in perfect 19th century british style, the typical seats of english gentlemen of that time, namely chesterfield sofas, are a must. Choosingto rent one of our chesterfield armchairs or sofas for an eventmeans opting for an authentic, impeccably preserved object that still preserves the timeless charm of its age.

We are therefore perfectly able to state that with the rental of sofas, furniture and accessoriesfrom our antiques atelier, you are granted the authenticity of the products, an unrivalled aesthetic value and all the courtesy and helpfulness of a team of professionals at your service.

We rent chesterfield sofas and armchairs and period furniture for all kinds of events especially for exhibitions in major art galleries, fairs, fashion shows, theatre performances e film sets.

Contact us for a quote based on your needs.

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